Weight loss to improved immunity 5 reason why you should switch from morning tea to lemon water

When life gives you lemons – be thankful I say for the modest fruit is a true friend of yours. Not the proverbial tart situations but the modest fruit. Add it to a little warm water and let the magical fruit help you gain health. Not only is it effective in weight loss, but it is also an exceptionally rich source of Vitamin C which keeps your teeth healthy and your immunity strong.

The importance of lemon continues to increase in today’s situation of the pandemic. Coronavirus has modified the way we live. Going forward, while we are all hopeful for a vaccine, we all must also make changes within our lifestyle to actually get rid of COVID19. Healthy weight, effective immunity was never as important as now. So whatever be your motivation, here are 5 reasons why you should consider replacing that bed tea with good old lemon water.

Lemon Water: 5 reasons why you should drink it daily

Improved Digestion resulting in Weight loss

Your gut is the source of your being. A good digestive system is imperative for weight loss and nothing improves your digestion like lemon water. Ayurveda has strongly propagated the consumption of lemon water in the morning to kickstart your digestion. Just a lemon in lukewarm water helps digestion, giving you the happiness of a day well started. As a natural laxative, warm water with lemon helps in cleaning your gut and aiding your digestive system as well as metabolism. In turn, it helps in effective weight loss by simply improving your health.

Improved Immunity

Lemon, though not the top of the chart source of Vitamin C still packs a healthy dose. One lemon’s juice provided you about 18.6 mg of Vitamin C, which is about 15 to 20% of your daily requirement. Also, it is an excellent source of antioxidants that protect cells by eliminating free radicals. Also, Vitamin C has been shown to enhance the differentiation and proliferation of the B and T cells, which are essentially the soldiers of your immune system.

Improved skin

Remember your mother asking you to rub lemon on your skin? Well she was not wrong to advise as such. Its effectiveness is tested and is used by biggest beauty names to restore your skin. But just rubbing it is not enough. It is as effective inside as out. Vitamin C promotes oxidant scavenging activity of the skin, in effect helping the skin with its epithelial barrier function against pathogens and environmental oxidative stress. In simple words – a radiant looking you.

Weight Loss or more appropriately checking weight gain

Studies have shown that lemon water significantly reduces weight gain in mice. It also offsets the blood glucose level and improved insulin resistance. Both these factors are known for increasing the chances of Type 2 Diabetes. As such, it is suggested that lemon water helps support weight loss as well. Some researchers also believe that the mere feeling of fullness after drinking lemon water is what aids the weight loss as it is low in calorie count and would help the person achieve the deficit required. Also read-Weight Loss by Green Tea: know when to consume this beverage

Excellent for Hydration

Drinking water, though essential for us, is not that easy. Lemon water simply makes it easier, helping you reach your target of the number of glasses. The morning glass of water can be especially difficult. Just adding that lemon makes it all the more easier to drink. And if you enjoy the taste, all the better.Also read-Cinnamon Tea Best for Weight Loss: Best Weight loss Tea

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