The Best Time To Drink Milk, Know All About It

Milk is considered a complete food into itself. Its loaded with nutrients and is rich in various minerals, vitamins, fat, protein and carbohydrates. Milk is quite helpful for a human body because of its digestive and nutritional properties. A glass of milk will give a helpful dose of protein, vitamin A, B1, B2, B12 and D, magnesium and potassium. So, if you like drinking milk, you need to know what’s the best time to have a glass of milk. Also Read- Rice Kheer Recipe | For all | Badbola Recipe

First things First, let’s talk about the proper way of having Milk. It’s a helpful drink if consumed in the wright manner and at the right time of the day. India from its early days has been consuming milk, our texts are filled with the do & don’ts of milk consumption. As per these texts mixing mangoes, bananas, melons and other sour fruits with the milk is harmful. For example, Banana shakes can cause sinus congestion, cold, cough, allergies, rashes and hives. This is because milk when mixed with these fruits changes the chemical balance of our stomach. You can have it with ashwagandha, which helps improve sleep and boosts your memory. Also Read- Weight Loss by Green Tea: know when to consume this beverage

To get the maximum from your glass of milk, it is important to know the right time and way to consume it. Let’s say you are trying to gain muscle mass and are inti body building regime then the best possible time for you to have milk is in the morning. For all other cases the best time is in the night, before going to sleep. Generally, as a rule, you should avoid drinking milk in the morning because Milk can be heavy for the body to digest. This might lead to you feeling lethargic and can lead to acidity. Also Read-Weight loss to improved immunity 5 reason why you should switch from morning tea to lemon water

So, the Best time to drink milk is often between evening till bedtime. One more point of caution, you should avoid having milk with salty foods like namkeen, bread and butter. Other than that, Having or drinking Milk before going to bed has a lot of benefits, as Milk also has sedative properties, thus drinking milk before bedtime can calm you and help you get a sound sleep. The calcium absorption from milk is also better at night due to less activity levels. Also Read- Cinnamon Tea Best for Weight Loss: Best Weight loss Tea

Its generally  recommended, that having a glass of milk pinch of turmeric before going to bed will boost your immunity, improve your digestion and help you get a good night sleep.

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