Calm Down your Kids Without using Screens! Know how

You are a young mother with no help at your end, you have to take care of your house, do the cleaning, prepare the meals, and to top the list you have to deal with screaming, crying, rolling on the floor. Kids demanding screen time Sounds familiar.

I know the situation seems hopeless, and leaves you, the mother, a tired and frustrated lot. Don’t worry, the situation at least with you Kids can be helped. And no, I am not talking about switching a cartoon channel or giving mobile to them with Youtube playing videos. This might seem like an easy way out, but eventually it will create certain health problems – both mental as well as physical. Also read- Planning a Newborn Baby’s Room! Important Tips to Remember

I am not going to get into the ill effects of this practice, Internet is filled with these. Instead I am going to offer few tips that can Calm Down your Kids Without using Screens and make you take care of your child without the help of any screen time. Also Read- Weight Loss by Green Tea: know when to consume this beverage

First and foremost, what you need to do is calm yourself down. Don’t let the situation at hand get the better of you. (easier said than done, isn’t it)?

Children often take your reaction as affirmation of their action. What I mean is that the more you respond to their antics the more likely it is that they will continue doing it. The main issue here is Attention. Kids demand a lot of attention and will do anything to get some. You will have to learn to manage their attention demands by sometimes responding and sometimes ignoring the actions. This strategy will work in making them respond to you in a much better way. Also Read- The Best Time To Drink Milk, Know All About It

The child needs to be engaged. You can start by playing a board game or molding clays. Involving the kids in different activities will make them creative and it will also keep them busy.

When the child is crying, ask the child what would rather they be doing, ask for two options that they would like to do. These options have to be other than the option you have said no for. If they come up with something doable, do remember to praise them. If not – continue reading.

Attention Span- Kids while growing up have very little attention span, if they are crying inspite of all your efforts, start singing. Children generally respond well to music. You can also play a song (Audio Only) on your device.  This step holds true even when they are throwing a tantrum.  You will notice that the effect of the music has diverted their mind from whatever reason they where crying or throwing tantrum.

One of the most important aspect of raising a child is Human Touch. Don’t cut back on Hugs and cuddles. They will help to pacify your kids and will reduce their emotional distress. Follow these steps to Calm Down your Kids Without using Screens. Do let me know if these steps were helpful. Also Read- Karanvir Bohra and Teejay Sidhu expecting Their Third Child

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