Parenting Dos and Don’ts – 7 signs of bad parenting and what to do instead

Parenting – the art of raising a child. While all might want to have the guidebook for parenting, the fact remains that parenting is not a perfect science. There are, however, some parenting dos and don’ts which have been identified by experts. As we juggle to manage the changing world, here are the 7 signs of bad parenting and what you can do instead.

Every parent aims to inculcate good habits and life skills in their children. The ultimate aim of parenting – raising a child into a healthy and happy human being. Experts warn of 7 signs that your parenting techniques need a rethink and suggest how to handle those parent traps instead.

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Parenting Dos and Don’ts

When children run away from their parents instead of looking up to them, that is a sign that something has gone horribly wrong in the parenting department.

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Extreme Involvement

Over-involvement or under-involvement in a child’s life is considered poor parenting. When it comes to your children, being a strict parent will deepen the chasm between you and them, while being an overly affectionate parent will narrow it. In any case, the children will be cut off from their parents. As a result, every parent should have a firm grasp on the best practices for raising children.

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Aversive Punishment Techniques

It is not recommended that children be punished using “aversive” methods such as spanking or yelling. Studies reveal that they are not only ineffective, but they may also have negative long-term impacts. Those who are subjected to harsh punishments as children are more likely to become violent adults.


If you’ve set limitations for your children, make sure you stick to them. Creating rules and then breaking them in front of your children is a bad example for them to follow. They’ll pick up on your bad behaviors if you don’t follow through on rules, pledges, and obligations. Whatever your transgression, be sure you have a corresponding punishment in place. Set a good example for your child by enforcing the rules.


Parenthood is the most difficult time of a person’s life. While being a parent necessitates all of your time and effort, you must also serve as a positive example for your child. Don’t allow your bad mood to show itself in front of your children. If you’re furious, avoid letting your anger out in front of your kid.

Fewer interactions

Many parents are unable to spend enough time talking to their children as a result of their busy work schedules. Kids tend to keep their worries to themselves or to look out for friends or family members because of an evident communication gap. When both parents work, children in nuclear families have less time to spend with their parents, which is not a problem in large joint families.

Expensive gifts

Parents often try to make up for a lack of dialogue or engagement with their children by giving them expensive gifts. They believe that giving expensive gifts will keep the child close to their parents, but the reality is that this can lead to a dependency in the child on expensive goods, which can then become an irresistible temptation.


The most important guideline of parenting is to avoid comparing your child to other children in the same situation. Whether it’s a school play or a math test, a kid’s abilities should never be used to gauge how effective a parent is. Instead of worrying about what their neighbors’ kids are doing, parents should focus on their own children’s natural talents.

In simpler words, parenting dos and don’ts is a uniquely individual experience. Every family’s set of guidelines and routines is unique. The shared goal, though, is to develop a generation that is kind, gentle, and better.


Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a dietician before starting any fitness programme or making any changes to your diet.

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