Anupama Written Update 4 Jan: Anuj, Anupama’s quality time

Anupama Written Update 4 Jan: Anuj and Anupama continue to talk over the recent revelation at the Christmas celebration. He asks her if she is affected by the news of him being an adopted child. He narrates his past incidents with the Kapadia family. On their way, they discussed the happenings between Anuj and Malvika regarding the property transfer.

He tells her that he was always loved by his parents, who never made him feel adopted. They cared for him just like his biological son. He felt he was too fortunate to have everything, more than he deserved. Thus, he always wanted to prove himself and worked hard enough to expand his family business. He says he was well treated and always felt like a king. Anupama puts a crown made of newspaper on his head, which lightens his mood.


On the other hand, Malvika takes off the Christmas decoration. On seeing her work, Vanraj asks her to stop, and they also discuss the recent revelation. Malvika asks him if he was shocked to learn that Anuj was adopted. He answers honestly and asks her to consider the reason for Anuj’s decision to transfer the Kapadia Empire to her.

Anupama Written Update 4 Jan: Vanraj Questions Malvika

Anupama Written Update 4 Jan: Malvika says that she doesn’t want huge responsibility, adding that his brother worked hard for it, and thus, he deserved full rights to the business. Vanraj says the empire is worth 1000 crores, and it’s a power. Thus, she should reconsider her decision.

Malvika asks him if he is instigating her. She states she will work for the business only if interested and will leave if she wants, transferring the business to Vanraj. When Vanraj asks her the reason for being away from Anuj for ten years, she gets up and leaves the hall.

Anuj and Anupama, sitting on a bench, continue the discussion. He asks if she is bothered by the news, and she replies she doesn’t care about his last name but appreciates all his qualities. Anuj appreciates her too. She states she respects him, his thoughts, and his love for her. He says he wants to become like her, appreciating her simplicity and other qualities. He adds he has enough money, and money doesn’t please him much.


In his opinion, the middle class is most fortunate, saying they have time to eat with their family even though they have less. Meanwhile, Malvika asks Vanraj to reconsider her decision of divorcing Kavya. She says he committed a mistake by divorcing Anupama and should rethink before doing the same with Kavya. In response, he says he committed a mistake by marrying her. She hugs him, saying everything will be alright soon. Whereas Kavya is annoyed to see them together.

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