Anupama Written Update 6th Jan: Kavya Warns Anupama

Anupama Written Update 6th Jan: Vanraj's Presentation
Anupama Written Update 6th Jan

Anupama Written Update 6th Jan: Anupama and Anuj visit Shah house the next day and greet the family members. The topic of the New year celebration bothers Malvika. She says she doesn’t celebrate New Year and Anuj is aware of it. The Shah family stands wondering the reason for such a reaction. Along with her, everyone leaves for work.

While Anupama is about to leave, Kavya talks to her about Vanraj’s behaviour and habits. Anupama asks her to trust her husband. In response, Kavya says Vanraj may use the recent news of Malvika being the owner of the Kapadia empire for his gain. She warns her that a face-off may happen in the future. They also talk about household jobs. Anupama says every woman who spends her time in household works should feel proud of herself.


At the office, Vanraj is all prepared and excited for a presentation. Malvika shocks him, saying Anuj will deliver the presentation to the investors. She says Anuj is a successful businessman, and it will be beneficial for their business if he delivers the presentation to the investors. Vanraj is upset and hurt with her decision, and Anupama senses the stress in his behaviour.

Anupama Written Update 6th Jan: Kavya Plans New Year Party

Anupama Written Update 6th Jan: Anuj impresses the investors, and Malvika thanks him, overjoyed by the response of investors. Vanraj decides to become a successful businessman. Meanwhile, Kavya is excited to celebrate the New Year and decides to throw a party at the Shah house. She informs all family members and makes a group inviting everyone to the party.


Malvika says she will not attend the party. Anuj and Anupama talk over this decision of hers. Anupama decides to convince her to attend the celebration. Anuj flirts with Anupama, and she blushes. At the Shah house, Hasmukh and Leela discuss the state of Kavya, wishing for her to bounce back in life. Samar says he doesn’t want her to become how she was in the past.

Kavya decides to regain Vanraj’s love in the new year. Elsewhere she talks to Nandini about the situations in the family. She suggests she should live with Samar in a separate house after marriage or postpone the wedding plan, saying everything changes after marriage. She states that the environment in the Shah house might impact their relationship negatively, and Samar overhears their conversation.

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