Anupama Written Update 7th Jan: Malvika attends New Year Party?

Anupama Written Update 7th Jan: Samar overhears Kavya and Nandini’s conversation and loses his calm. He scolds Kavya, saying she is trying to break the family. Nandini tries to explain to him that Kavya was sharing her point of view and asks him to understand her situation. Samar recalls the past when Kavya visited the Shah house every day to meet Vanraj. He says if that was alright, then why Malvika’s stay at the house is bothering her. He states that one has to reap what one sow.

In the previous episode, Kavya also said that the environment in the Shah family is not healthy for Samar and Nandini’d relationship. Samar says that the environment in the family will improve when all family members try to control their behaviours. He is furious listening to Kavya and Nandini’s opinion and says that it’s Nandini’s decision if she wants to be a part of the family.
Meanwhile, Anuj finds Anupama and Malvika playing hopscotch outside the office. They tell him that they are playing to compete, and the winner can demand anything from the competitor. Anupama wins the competition, and Malvika asks her demand. Malvika says if she had won, she would have asked her to marry his brother.

Anupama Written Update 7th Jan: Malvika’s Past

Anupama Written Update 7th Jan: Anupama asks her to attend the New Year Celebration. She says she understands that some incidents are hard to let go, and asks her to move on in life. She shares an incident of her life which broke her. Narrating the happenings on her 25th Wedding Anniversary when Vanraj cheated on her with Kavya, she gets emotional and encourages Malvika to not let the past affect our happiness.

Elsewhere, at the Shah House, all family members are busy in the preparation of the party. Vanraj brings a gift for everyone. Kavya says Malvika will not attend the party, and Anuj will also not be a part of the celebration. Hasmukh says Anupama should be a part of the celebration because their family’s happiness is incomplete without her.

Anuj and Anupama wait for Malvika’s decision, whereas she surprises them with a quick prank. She pretends she will not come with them but finally agrees to celebrate. Anuj is thankful to Anupama for convincing her. When they are at the door, leaving for the party, a woman runs from his husband, asking for help. Anupama says that it is a myth that only poor women face domestic violence. They find Malvika scared, shivering and sitting on the floor.

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