Anupama Written Update 9th Feb: Anuj’s Emotional Goodbye

Vanraj taunted Anuj after he decided to make Malvika the owner of all his wealth and property. In response, Anuj reminds him that he was wealthy when he had all his relationships and the support of his family, especially Anupama’s. He states that a person with dignity is wealthy, not the one with money. Vanraj says earning money is essential to earn respect.

He adds that the conflict between Anuj and Malvika is their personal concern, and Anupama is responsible for interfering in the matter. Anuj asks him not to blame Anupama, saying wealth was a keepsake, but relationships are personal. He warns Vanraj that he will fight if any harm is caused to Anupama or Malvika.

Meanwhile, the Shah family is concerned about the happening in Anuj’s office. Kavya is worried that the situation can turn ugly. Whereas Anuj meets Malvika and takes her to his office. He makes her sit on his chair and hand her the documents of property transfer. Malvika signs the document and becomes the owner of the business and all the wealth.

Anuj tells her that everything always belonged to her. He asks her to start afresh, leaving all the grudges, conflicts and arguments behind. He adds that everything belongs to her, but she is his responsibility. Anuj states that he is resigning from the responsibilities of Kapadia Empire but will always be a responsible brother. He explains to her to believe in herself, leaving all her fears behind.

Anupama Written Update 9th Feb: Anuj, Anupama Leave Office

Anupama Written Update 9th Feb: Anuj knows that Malvika can manage everything on her own and does not need anyone’s support. He asks her not to be manipulated by anyone’s words. He guides her to listen to everyone but follow only what her heart says. Malvika questions him that he can leave her but not Anupama. In response, Anuj says she will understand everything when the right time comes.

Vanraj taunts Anupama that she is now a beggar along with her boyfriend. Anupama responds, saying Anuj has given away everything with an open heart, and his good time will come soon. Anuj bids goodbye and says that all her troubles are now his. He adds that he has returned everything and seeks her permission to take Anupama’s magnet with him. Anuj replaces his designation board with hers.

Anupama blesses Malvika and tells her that she can approach them anytime she wants. She asks him to recall his brother only with love. Malvika holds back from stopping her brother, recalling Vanraj’s words which said Anuj chose Anupama over her. Anuj and Anupama leave the office, and Malvika gets emotional. They recall their happy time with Malvika. Anupama says she can understand how he feels leaving office after working there for so long.

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