Naagin 5 4 October written update: Veer Finds Out the Reality of Jay

Naagin 5, 4 October written update: Tonight’s episode of Naagin 5 starts With Veer setting a trap for the Naag in their midst. Veer calls the trap Cheel Ka Chakravyuh, this trap is however is also known as Rudraksh Ka Mayajaal. The real target of Veers Trap is Bani, whom he suspects that she is a naagin. Veers partner in crime (as they say) is Daksh. They discuss the plan and execute it. The duo keeps constant vigil on Bani through the help of CCTV cams.

As an unaware Bani approaches the Cheel Ka Chakravyuh, she feels some kind of spark. She decides to ignore this and continues walking. However as soon as she gets near the next pillar, she is surrounded by a Cheel, a Peacock and a shadow surround her. The shadow threatens Bani that they will kill her, Bani immediately transforms into her Adi Naagin Avatar. Soon she realises that all of this is an elaborate illusion. She gets back into her human form. Also Read- Naagin 5 3 October 2020 Written Update: Veer gets suspicious of Bani

Veer and Daksh, who had been keeping an eye on Bani, Veer decides to check on her physically as he has seen a serpent on this monitor. However, when he reaches there, he finds Bani in human form. This leaves Veer very confused and he wonder who was the Naag that he saw. After some time, Jay comes into the contact of Cheel Ka Chakravyuh and gets entangled. Also Read- Naagin 5 Update 23 August 2020: Meer Takes Cheel Form, Bani & Jay Get Into Their Original Naag Form

Naagin 5 4 October written update

He takes his Naag form to fight the Cheel, Peacock and the shadow. He escapes the mansion in his Naag form while Veer who has seen a serpent leave the house, decides to follow him. Jay reaches the highway and commandeers a bike by killing its rider. Veer who has been following Jay in his serpent form, checks the Biker’s eyes and that when he comes to know that Jay is a Naag. Also Read- Naagin 5 September 12, 2020 Written Update: Bani and Jay kill Veer.

Again, we go into flashback where Jay is fighting with Mayuri, however that fight results in Mayuri and Jay joining forces. Working on his plan to keep tabs on Bani and Veer, Jay asks Mayuri and Shukla to be his Eyes and ears in the Singhania’s Mansion. Also Read- Naagin 5 27 September 2020 Written Update: Fight Between Adi Naag & Naagin, Veer Learns That Bani did not poison him

Naagin 5 4 October written update

Veer, how has seen everything, decides to summon everyone from the Cheel Clan. When the Cheel Clan is all together, Veer tells them that Jay is alive and is a Naag. Veer thunders that if Jay ever comes in front of him, he will kill him with his own hands. Veer’s father asks for proof from Shukla, he informs that there is an issue with CCTV. Midst all of the activity, Bani is trying to call Jay, she wants to inform him that Veer has come to know about his true form. Jay however, does not answer. Jay comes to know about the situation through Mayuri and Shukla, later. Also Read- Naagin 5 26 September 2020 Written Update: Mayuri plans to eliminate Bani, Jay-Bani Unite

Veer takes Bani to their room, where they get into a huge argument.

Veer then reminds her that he is still her husband. That sentences leads to a somewhat romantic moment. Veer sees Bani mobile; he takes it and breaks the handset. Jay is trying to call back Bani but get a switch off message.  Veer then decides to lock Bani in her room. Naagin 5 tonight’s episode ends with Bani thinking ways to escape captivity. Also Read- Naagin 5 September 13, 2020 Written Update: History Repeats- Bani kills Veer after Jay is murdered by the Cheels

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