Naagin 5 September 6, 2020, written update: Jay & Bani reach the rahasyamay mandir

Naagin 5 September 6 written update: Tonight’s episode starts with Bani’s mother getting angry and asking the reason for her attitude towards Veer. Bani then asks Meera that why did she agree for the marriage. Meera explains that she did not have a choice, as her mother told her that she is of dark complexion, she would never her choice of husband. She also says that her mother will never let go of this proposal. Her mother in any circumstance will make sure that Meera gets married to Veer. Hearing the reason Bani loses her cool and starts to transform into her Naagin form. She leaves the house in anger.

Bani then goes to Veer’s house. As soon as she enters Veer’s house, she gets a flashback of her past life. She gets inside the house and warns Veer. Bani says she will never let this marriage happen. Veer, then asks her why is she so against his marriage proposal. Veer confesses that he likes Bani, but she never gave any importance to him, so he had no choice but to choose her sister. Hearing this Bani loses her cool and turns into a Naagin. Varun gets her a glass of water but she refuses and leaves.

Balwant suggests Veer not to follow Bani.  Veer’s brother also joins them and starts teasing Veer. Balwant inform all of them that the truck that was carrying the kidnapped girls and the naagin was blasted and all of them were dead.

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Bani finds Jay outside Veer’s house. Jay tells her that he was waiting for her.  Jay offers water to Bani. Suddenly Bani’s wound starts to hurt and Bani takes support of Jay. Both Bani and Jay get glimpses of a place. Bani asks Jay to take her to that place. They both leave in the car for the place, while driving they discuss about the visuals they have been getting. As they are searching for the place, suddenly an old man comes in front of them.

Veer informs his family of his decision of marrying Meera, Bani’s sister. Balwant Singhania say that Veer is free to marry whom so ever he wants but Veer has to stay away from Naagin. He also informs Veer that he is not to leave the house till the morning.

The next scene of Naagin 5 again takes us back to Bani and Jay, they ask the old man where is Budbuda village. Old man tells them what they are looking for is the rahasyamay mandir. It’s the mandir that calling them. He also tells them that to go further they will have to leave their car behind, as the road on which they have to go is not meant for cars. The old man suddenly bends Infront of Bani seeking blessing and says she is welcomed once again.

Balwant Singhania’s brother takes him to a room and shows Balwant the “Kaal Kanak”. The “Kaal Kanak” is a device that tells them the day when Veer will come face to face with his past. Balwant is worried to see the “Kaal Kanak”.

Meanwhile, Bani and jay reach the village with the old man following behind them. As soon as Bani and Jay reach the village, they get glimpses of their past life again. And in those visions, they see the Rahasyamay mandir. Suddenly they see a Mandir. Bani says it’s the same mandir from her visions. Jay and Bani run towards the Mandir. The pandits of the Mandir are very happy to see them, as for them they are their Sarvashresth Adi Naagin and Naag reincarnated. Also Read- Naagin 5 September 12, 2020 Written Update: Bani and Jay kill Veer.

Naagin 5 September 6 written update: They are about to enter the mandir but the doors of the temple suddenly close. Bani asks Jay if he has ever come to this place, Jay says no, he has never been to this place. They enter the mandir and once again get some more visuals as soon as they touch the doors. Jay and Bani feel that they have some connection with the temple. They hold each other’s hand and enter the temple together. Bani and Jay say that they feel as if they have been to this place earlier as well.

Suddenly the old man sees a Cheel coming to the village. Its veer in cheel’s form. Veer reached the village and decides to find Jay and Bani. Veer sees the old man and asks him about Jay and Bani. He asks the old man what they were searching for. The old man turns into Naag and Veer catches him. The old man tells him that they went to the Rahasyamay mandir.

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