Navratri Diet Plan for Weight Loss: 5 tips for fasting effectively

Navratri is here and the auspicious month of festivities begin. From welcoming Maa Durga into our homes to Diwali – the month marks a whole lot of variations in diet. And the first variation begins with Navratri – the 9-day fasting period. Many, however, aim at preparing a Navratri diet plan for weight loss. This is easier said than done. Here are 5 easy tips for fasting effectively to achieve that weight loss to fit into your favorite dress this Dusshera.

A word of caution – Navratri Fasting is a good idea to de-tox or take a break, but it is not a weight loss program. Using the fasting period to replenish the body is a good idea. What is important is to understand that these are 9 days and keeping weight loss goals realistic.

5 tips for fasting effectively and using your Navratri Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Eat your Fruits right:

The first thing to do right is to eat your fruits in the right manner. The first thing to remember is to eat your fruits early. The best thing about Navratri is that it is at a time when there are enough fruits available. Enjoy the juicy oranges or the fresh apples or the bananas. To optimize your diet, start your day with fruits. One word of caution – don’t mix your fruits. Eat them individually and not like a platter. It is important to eat one fruit at a time. This would help your gain the maximum out of your fruit. Also, avoid eating fruits for dinner or after evening. The best time to eat fruits is either early morning or between breakfast and lunch. Another advantage of having a fruit between breakfast and lunch is that it would manage your sugar cravings.

Limit Salt intake:

The best thing about fasting during Navratri is that it limits your salt intake. With many people preferring sendha namak rather than your common salt, there is already a plus to it. To optimize the benefits further, try to limit the intake of all kinds of salt. This would help you improve your body’s fluid balance.

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Choose Paneer over Potato:

When fasting, we often tend to binge on potatoes. Next time you are feeling hungry, choose a small plate of paneer or cottage cheese cubes rather than potato chips. Paneer, a high source of protein, would help you shed those extra kilos while adding to the benefit. Also, proteins keep you full for longer, keeping you away from the empty calories you might be tempted to binge on.

Increase your water intake:

Fasting would be effective only if you are drinking enough water. Be it for loosing weight or for a general detox, your body needs water to replenish itself and repair itself. For this, you need to improve the water intake. Also, with lower salt intake, your body would go in a dehydrating mode, loosing excess water. To ensure that this is done in a healthy manner, drinking water is important. Ensure that you are drinking about 3 to 4 litres of water daily, especially if you are fasting.

Time your meals:

The most important thing to do is getting your meal time right. Normally, people in fast have an early dinner. This could probably be the best thing to do to aid your weight loss or detox plans. An early dinner  – say by around 7 pm, would be excellent. What one must, however, remember is not to delay breakfast. Nutritionists recommend having breakfast or something to eat within half hour or 40 minutes of waking up. This need not be easting a full breakfast. A small handful of nuts like almonds would be perfect to break your fast in the morning and get your body that extra boost of energy to get you going through the day.

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a dietician before starting any fitness programme or making any changes to your diet. For personalized diet plan, please contact the author on the number shared.

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