Skin Care Tips: Sanitizers leaving hands dry and rough? Skin care tips for soft and supple hands

Skin Care Tips | Hands are extremely important. And while they are constantly at work – picking, writing, cleaning, washing et al, they are subjected to constant wear and tear. Add to it the pandemic and the constant sanitization of hands. Washing and applying hand sanitizers regularly lead to removal of harmful COVID19 virus. Sadly, along with the harmful enemies, the hands also lose the good bacteria on the skin that protect it from a whole lot of problems. End result, skin of hands have started showing signs of premature ageing, roughness, dryness and getting cracked easily. So what to do? Here are simple skin care tips to help you keep your hands looking beautiful and feeling soft and supple. Also Read: Butter Chicken Recipe | All time Hit | Badbola Recipe

Skin Care Tips for soft, beautiful hands

Keeping it clean

The basic step of any skin care regime, even for hands is keeping it clean. This, however, does not simply means sanitizers of anti-bacterial soaps. A normal soap and water would suffice. Start by washing your hands thoroughly with normal soap and water and patting it dry. Remember, like your face, your hands too need love and protection.

Keeping it moisturized

Moisturizers are crucial, especially due to increased washing and sanitization of the hands. Alcohol and water both make your skin dry, losing the soft texture in the process. To counter this, ensure that you use a good moisturizer. To begin with, twice a day should be enough. Use a deep nourishing moisturizer for longer protection.

Oil Nourishment

Another tip is to use oil. As a night regime, try rubbing warm olive oil on your hands. Just a pinch and let the skin soak in the essential vitamins as you gently massage your palms and hands. Especially rub the cuticles of the nails and massage them in long outward strokes. This would ensure good nail growth and healthier shinier nails. You can also use Coconut or Almond oils.

Butter and Sugar Manicure

That’s right. Nothing leaves your skin feeling softer and younger than butter and sugar. The butter should be home preparation and not the salted butters. Just add half a spoon of sugar in about similar quantity of butter and thoroughly massage your hands. The sugar would exfoliate the dead skin while the butter would moisturize your hands deeply. You can even use ghee or malai (milk fat) for the same if butter is not readily available. Try it and see the difference in your hands.

Eat healthy and drink loads of water

Finally, the golden rule of healthy skin – good nourishment and hydration. Keeping your body hydrated is essential. Remember, lack of water is first visible on skin and results in early ageing. Protect your hands by eating a well balanced diet, rich in essential vitamins and minerals. Don’t forget to drink at least 3 liters of water every day.

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