5 Benefits of Eating Almonds Daily will do wonders to your Health

5 Benefits of Eating Almonds, Almonds, almonds for good health, Ayurveda benefits of almonds

Every Indian remembers that their parents used to insist that the eat atleast 5 Almonds daily. We have compiled at least 5 Benefits of Eating Almonds here.

Mustard oil for weight loss | Know all the benefits that it offers

Mustard Oil, mustard oil benefits, mustard oil for weight loss

Mustard oil for weight loss : One of the Indian kitchen’s main ingredient is mustard Oil. We have been cooking in mustard oil for as long as we know. Mustard oil is quite beneficial for weight loss. As the oil helps in keeping your body fit, healthy and also help in losing weight. We not … Read more

Weight Loss Diet: Eat ‘Roti’ to help lose weight and gain a healthy body

Weight loss tips, weight loss diet

Weight loss diet should ensure minimum deviation from normal diet to be effective in the long term. Here’s how you can use your ‘Roti’ to help lose weight.

First thing you need to do for sustainable weight loss – Top Nutritionist shares insights

sustainable weight loss

Sustainable weight loss is the key to a healthier you. Ace nutritionist and health consultant of India shares the first thing you need to do at the start of your weight loss journey.

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