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Dr Sundeep Khurana

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Cervical Cancer Causes: Lifestyle habits that increase chances of cervical cancer and how to prevent it

Cervical cancer is usually caused due to long-lasting infection with the human papillomavirus. Other factor contributing to causes of cervical cancer includes smoking, early menarche, late menopause, oral contraceptive, multiple sex...

Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss: 6 ways to do IF for effective weight management

Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss is an effective program which has helped lakhs already. But did you know there are different ways to do IF? Check out.

Home Isolation Guidelines | For Omicron Positive

Home Isolation Guidelines apply to patients who have been clinically assessed and assigned as mild/ asymptomatic cases of COVID-19.

Causes Of Cervical Cancer : 4 Things You Should Know

Causes and symptoms of cervical cancer: People who have cervical cancer have a type of cancer that comes from inside their womb. It comes from the neck of the womb (uterus)....

At-Home COVID-19 Test Kits | Effectiveness check

The use of At-Home COVID-19 Test Kits has increased in India due to an increase in the number of instances of the novel variant omicron of Covid-19. The self-use test can...

Keratosis Pilaris: Yami Gautam’s Skin Condition explained – Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Keratosis Pilaris - Here's all you need to know about Yami's Gautam's skin condition - the cases, symptoms and treatment.

Vitamin D Deficiency: Symptoms & signs that one should watch out for

Vitamin D Deficiency can lead to a whole lot of problems and weak bones is only one of them. Check signs and symptoms of Vit. D deficiency.