Weight Loss Diet: Eat ‘Roti’ to help lose weight and gain a healthy body

Weight loss diet is often associated with drastic modifications in diet. Fad diets available often seek to remove a few essential nutrients from daily consumption. For many, leaving roti is suggested as the easiest option and suggested across. This in turn lead to deficiency in the body and leaves the person dissatisfied. End result – the weight loss diet fails. Experts agree that modification in diet that is manageable and simple is the key to a successful weight loss diet. But how to lose weight with Roti? Read on.

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Roti is simply a flat bread made from wheat flour which is consumed with vegetables or lentils. The simple preparation, also known as Chapatti is often considered a ‘carbohydrate factory’ and discarded first by those who wish to lose weight. People who are rather keen on a flat belly often give up carbohydrates all together. However, neither is it advisable nor sustainable.

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Furthermore, Roti provides excellent roughage to the body and also offers good amounts of carbohydrates that would give the body the requisite energy. It is however also true that we need to consider calorie deficit when trying to lose weight. Furthermore, an increase in protein is also important to help you gain satiety as well as provide the body essential nutrients. The key is to modify the roti that you eat.

What one often forgets is that roti can be of various grains and wheat is only one of them. Introduction of millets and consumption of such ‘rotis’ provide an easy solution.

Roti in Weight Loss Diet: How Can ‘Roti’ Help You Shed Those Extra Kilos?

Bajra roti

Pearl millet or bajra has a special place in many religious festivities. Usually eaten with a good helping of ghee, this millet is a great source of proteins. What is best is that a roti made of bajra has only 97 calories. The gluten-free millet would help you lose weight, fight bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol. Remember, however, that bajra is eaten during winter season and should be avoided in summers.

Ragi roti

Ragi, also known as Nachini in many parts of India, is a superfood. Filled with fibre and essential micro-nutrients, ragi gives one a feeling a fullness for a long period of time. Simply replace your normal wheat roti with Radi cheela twice or thrice a weak and watch your kilos melt away.

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Gram Flour – Besan

An excellent substitute for roti, gram flour or besan chila offers taste and health benefits in equal quantities. Instead of Roti in breakfast, opt for ‘besan chila’. It is filling, replete with good fibre and protein and helps you achieve satiety quicker and for a longer period of time. The flour is especially beneficial for monsoon season. Besan is a soluble fibre and keeps your heart healthy, helps fights allergies and even helps in managing diabetes.  

Jowar or Barley

Both are similar and offer the same rich source of fibre. The course millet grain is a powerhouse and would help you improve your digestion, lower cholesterol and in effect also lose weight. Mix it with wheat flour in a 5:1 ratio and enjoy this healthy substitute of your daily roti to see your belly fat melt away.

What one needs to understand is that there has to be moderation. These millets are also seasonal and must be consumed in a manner that is acceptable. Follow the regional wisdom and use the recipes to add a healthy twist to the diet to help in weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.

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Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a dietician before starting any fitness programme or making any changes to your diet.

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